08 avril 2019

Graduate Institute Alumnus on Shaping Global Plastic Policies

Eirik Lindebjerg holds a Master of Development Studies from the Graduate Institute and is currently Global Plastics Policy Manager at the World Wildlife Fund (WWF). He was invited to participate in a panel discussion on 2 April, organised as part of Sustainability Week Switzerland, called “Our Plastic Future: Can the Oceans Survive?” The panel broached the subject of the impact of marine plastic pollution...
02 avril 2019

Nationalism from a Historical Perspective

Michael Goebel, Associate Professor of International History and Pierre du Bois Chair Europe and the World, gave a Lunch Briefing on “Is Nationalism Contagious?”, which provided historical depth to the...

02 avril 2019

Students Spearhead Sustainability Week Switzerland at the Institute

From left to right: Dario Siegen (MDEV), Céline Kahn (MDEV), Annika Erickson-Pearson (MDEV) and Nina Bianchi (MDEV). Sustainability Week Switzerland – Geneva, held 1-5 April 2019 at the Graduate Institute...

28 mars 2019

Fighting Ebola by Restoring Trust in Communities

At a time when Ebola is once again making headlines, this time in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), humanitarian workers in the field are witnessing increasing violence. In response, organisations...

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26 mars 2019

An Expert Look at Public-Private Partnerships in Education

Gita Steiner-Khamsi, Professor at the Graduate Institute and Director of the Network for International Policies and Cooperation in Education and Training (NORRAG), an associate programme of the Institute,...